Release 3 (March 8th 2022): 11,000 critical Covid cases

These are unpublished results, under embargo until publication of the full report

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In release 3 we add an additional 5836 cases from the GenOMICC Study and ISARIC4C (13327 cases in total), and combine with unpublished data from collaborators in SCOURGE (5934 cases) and 23andMe (1410 cases) and published data from the HGIv6 meta-analysis. We find an additional 14 new genetic associations including potentially druggable targets in inflammatory signalling (JAK1, PDE4A), monocyte-macrophage differentiation (CSF2), immunometabolism (SLC2A5, AK5), and host factors required for viral entry and replication (TMPRSS2, RAB2A).

Index Paper for this Data Release is:

  • GWAS and meta-analysis identifies multiple new genetic mechanisms underlying severe Covid-19

Image showing the manhattan plot from the analysis of the GenOMICC Release 3 data set

These latest unpublished results for this data release are shared with the global community before publication in order to accelerate discovery. We share our results on the understanding that no investigator should publish any work derived from these results without express agreement of the GenOMICC Investigators.

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