Establish your centre

GenOMICC set-up is designed to make it easy for you to run your own study of the genetic factors underlying critical illness. This can be in collaboration with us, or independent - it's up to you. Our hope is that, ultimately, we will be able to work together either to replicate findings, or to combine genetic signals, in order to make discoveries that advance our understanding of critical illness.

Establish GenOMICC in your country or region

Compared to other consented research studies, GenOMICC is designed to be as easy as possible to set up and maintain. It is always important for us to build capacity in our partner countries through support in setting up studies led by local research teams. There are 3 ways we can support you to set up GenOMICC in your country:

  • Independent. We provide open access to our documents and protocols so you can set up your own GenOMICC project, do your own research, and publish your own papers. Why? Because we think this will help genetic discovery in critical illness to move forward as fast as possible.

  • Supported. We have an extensive team who can provide support with funding applications, study documents and implementation at site from clinical to adminsitrative functions to help you get set up with your own, locally-led version of the GenOMICC study.

  • Hosted. We can provide technical support and, in some cases, funding to recruit cases and analyse genomes either in your local facilities, or by transferring samples to our lab here in the UK.

Setting up

Click to see the full study protocol and related documents.

To establish recruitment, you will need to obtain local/regional ethical and management approval (from a research ethics board, institutional review board or equivalent). In different legal jusrisdictions this may require some changes to the consent forms. Recruiting a patient is easy and takes very little research nurse time - around 1h in total is a reasonable estimate, including follow-up. DNA extraction and genotyping can be done in a local or national lab. It is usually easier to do this within the country that the patient was recruited from.

Where is GenOMICC active now?

If GenoMICC is not already established in your part of the world, we would be delighted to help you set up. GenOMICC is currently either active or setting up in the following countries: