What is involved


To help us with this important study we need up to 15,000 people who tested positive with mild, moderate or even no symptoms at all to provide a blood sample and allow us to sequence their genome and compare the results against samples from people who were severely ill with COVID-19.

For the purpose of our study, we refer to people as having had either mild COVID or severe COVID.

However, we are not implying that if you had mild COVID that you were not very unwell or felt awful. We simply mean you did not need hospital treatment.

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Sample collection and consent

If you are a match then we will need to ask for your consent to collect a small blood sample of about 9ml (equivalent to approximately two teaspoons) taken by nurses from the COVID-19 Study. Once we have collected your blood sample we are then able to sequence your genome.

We will also need your consent to let us sequence your DNA and store it. We will also need your consent to access and store relevant parts of your health records, now and in the future.

You can download a copy of our consent form if you would like to read in advance of your appointment.

Our trained nurses are provided through Trust MSS. They will contact participants to arrange appointments using the information provided during registration, and will also collect consent at the appointment.

When booking your appointment, you may choose to visit your nearest open sample collection centre, or you may book a home visit from a nurse.

Please download and read this Participant Information Sheet for more details on the study and what it means to consent to be part of it.

Download the Participant Information Sheet

Collection centres and directions

You can find the sample collection centres that are open at the moment, including directions you can download (PDF), and upcoming centres below.

June 2021:

  • Bristol venue - Leonardo Hostel Bristol Glassfields, 3 Temple Way, Bristol, BS2 0GS

Why do you need my health records and how do you keep them safe?

We need your health records because a DNA sequence does not have much meaning without them. They allow us to ‘interpret’ it properly. For instance, childhood infections could be important. And because it is becoming clear that COVID-19 has long lasting consequences, we need to know what happens to you next healthwise. This information could help predict which people might be at risk of late onset complications. Your genome could provide vital help here.

We make sure that your sequence and health data are confidential and secure.

Privacy and confidentiality

Participant privacy and confidentiality is key the GenOMICC COVID-19 study. To maintain your privacy, any information that could identify you is removed from your health records and your health data before we get it. This process is called de-identifying.

Keeping your data secure

Nobody but approved health researchers – from academia, industry and the NHS will be able to use the de-identified genomic and health data in our data centre to discover more about COVID-19 There are more details of all the processes we have put in place to ensure your data is safe here.

After your genome has been sequenced and mapped, it is stored in The National Genomic Research Library which is a secure national resource of genomic, health data and samples. Genomics England is its guardian.

Take part in the research

If you had a positive test for COVID-19 and think you can help us with our study, then please take our eligibility survey and register to take part.

  • Have you tested positive for COVID-19?
  • Are you over 18?
  • Do you live in the UK?
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